The Importance of Retreats

.....I only know this when I participate in one of these retreats I find my spiritual life getting better. I find 

 myself being more at peace. I find myself experiencing a great sense of being in the presence of God. 
When my time is spent more consciously in working my program then my relationship with my best friend
 seems to be more real. God (to me) is not a being out there somewhere to me, but rather God 
is right here with me. When He is present to me, as He is at retreat, I find it relatively easy to tell God 
that, at times, I am afraid. I am afraid to hurt, afraid to feel pain, afraid of "I don't know what".
 At times like this my God fills me with a sense that says, "Trust me Bernie.
 It is not going to be OK. It is OK".......
from Eagle Wings Vol.12, Number 11, October 2006
                                                                              published by 
Father Bernie Flynn M.S., M.Div.