Arkansas P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017

Arkansas Pharmacy Support Group:

Model: Board of Pharmacy -> Committee 

Eligible for Pharmacists, Interns and Technicians

Kim Light, Executive Secretary
4301 W. Markham #522
Little Rock, Arkansas     72205
Support Group Hotline: 1-870-636-0923
E-Mail Address:  


Entry into the Arkansas Pharmacy Support Group (ARPSG) may be on a voluntary basis by a pharmacy professional
(pharmacists, pharmacy students, pharmacy technicians) who seek assistance with their alcohol or other drug problems, or
by referral from the Board of Pharmacy after signing an Agreed Order. The Board appoints an Executive Committee of five
persons who are recovering pharmacists and this committee serves to organize and administer the program. The functions
of the committee include: 1) evaluation of pharmacists contacting the program; 2) review designation of treatment
facilities and services to which pharmacists in the program may be referred; 3) receipt and review of information relating
to the participation of pharmacists in the program; 4) assisting the pharmacists’ professional association in publicizing the
program; and 5) preparation of reports for the Board. The primary focus of the ARPSG is on helping the individual achieve
sobriety. Standard contracts are for 5 years. However, we have developed an Early Intervention Contract that runs one year
when the diagnosis is abuse rather than dependency. Additionally, recognizing that addiction is a disease of relapse, the
 APRSG offers a 10 year and Lifetime contract.

What about funding? The organization does not charge client fees.  Beginning July 2009 the ARPSG will receive $50,000 per
year through the Board of Pharmacy to support its operations. Executive Committee members serve on a voluntary basis but
support for travel and program related expenses is provided. Active clients include: Pharmacists, Pharmacy Students, and
Pharmacy Technicians