Colorado P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017

Editor’s Note: At this time I do not have any Pharmacists as possible contacts for Pharmacists seeking
                       recovery to network with. If you would be interest, let me know. Thanks, Charlie Broussard

CPRN - Peer Assistance Services, Inc.

Model: Health Care Association Board of Pharmacy contract

Eligible for Pharmacists and Others

2170 S. Parker Rd., Suite 229, Denver, CO, 80231
303-369-0039/ 1-866-369-0039 
Web Site Address : 

CPRN Case Manager: Andrea Schmidt, MSW, CAC

E-Mail address:

CPRN/ Committee Chair: Val Kalnins, RPH, 
Executive Director 
Colorado Pharmacist Society,
6825 E. Tennessee, #440, Denver, CO 80224

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Peer Assistance Services, Inc (PAS), is a non-profit, tax exempt agency, founded in 1984.  
The agency provides multiple
programs, including Peer Health Assistance Programs for Colorado licensed dentist, pharmacist and nurses.

The CPRN Committee is active, with elected officers, and meets bi-monthly.  Membership represents professional,
union, retail, chain, academic, and recovering pharmacist communities.  PAS and the CPRN Committee have partnered 
since 1989 to provide comprehensive peer EAP services to pharmacists, interns and technicians.  
      CPRN provides services for licensed pharmacists and interns with substance abuse, psychiatric, and/or physical 
problems that could impair their practice.
      CPRN reports to a Rehabilitation Evaluation Committee (REC) with 3 pharmacist members (at least one a recovering
pharmacist), and a PhD Psychologist with expertise in treating addictions in health professionals.  A representative of the
BOP Staff also sits as a non-voting member of the REC.  The Diversion Program Manager and Compliance Coordinator
present assessment findings, treatment and practice recommendations,  attend all SBOP meetings, providing demographic,
statistical and compliance reports.

      Educational presentations and exhibits are provided to the School of Pharmacy, CPS CE, Pharmacist Union, and several
technician training programs.  Facilitated Over 50 Peer Support Groups are provided per month around the state, available
to any health professional.  A facilitated Virtual Peer Support Group, in real time and with a high security format, is
available to better accommodate health professionals in rural/mountain areas of the state.

 Funding for the pharmacist/ intern services is received through license renewal frees, through the contract with the
SBOP.  A fee for service structure is in place for a pharmacist/ intern NOT licensed in Colorado. 

 Active clients include: Pharmacists, Pharmacy Students

 New/ Trends:    Older, nontraditional students/Interns.  Baby boomers nearing retirement.