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Information updated as of 10/2017

Model: Board of Pharmacy funded committee, professional licensing agency

Eligible for Pharmacists, Student Pharmacists and Technicians

Pharmacists Recovery Network of Indiana - PRNIndiana

Indiana Pharmacists

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About Us

The PRNIndiana (hereinafter known as PRN) was officially formed in 1995 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit company whose primary purpose is to assist pharmacists  and student pharmacists who are trying to recover from drug and alcohol addictions.  PRN works with the state board of pharmacy to get these individuals with substance abuse problems into treatment and also to monitor them during any periods of probation or suspension of their license.  The organization has a twelve member board of directors, many of which are also monitors for participants. 


Clients include pharmacists and student pharmacists self-referred, employer referred or board ordered.  We subcontract services of a Clinical Director with 30 yrs experience in addiction counseling, for monitoring the health and recovery status of each client.  Clients are referred by the Clinical Director to pre- approved treatment centers and a consultant lab for urine drug screen services.  As of January 2004, pharmacy technicians must be certified by the Indiana State Board of Pharmacy.  PRN does not monitor pharmacy technicians at this time, but we do suggest a treatment center for technicians that has a graduated fee scale based on the individual’s finances.


Marketing to the community is very important - to get the word out that there is hope and we are here to help.  We have developed a PowerPoint presentation that is presented throughout the state to show the dangers of addiction and explain the tools we have to help and support those in recovery.  PRN provides educational programs and resources on addiction to Purdue University, Butler University, and Manchester University Colleges of Pharmacy, the three pharmacy schools in Indiana.  We also present a CE Recovery Program annually each September (National Recovery Month).  During the state association annual convention, the PRN has a complimentary booth to market the recovery program.  Additionally, the association recognizes a pharmacist who has demonstrated excellence in community-based prescription drug abuse prevention with the Generation Rx Champion award, supported by Cardinal Health.  

Advocating for Participants

PRN hosts an orientation every 3 years for state board members, attorney general deputies, compliance officers, INSPECT, etc. to discuss what PRNIndiana is and what tools we have to help impaired pharmacists.  Program Liaison and other representatives from PRN, attend the state pharmacy board meeting each month, advocating for clients and preparing for new board referred pharmacists and student pharmacists.  The PRN provides status reports to the state board regarding board referred clients.  Annually, we sponsor 1-2 PRN board members or staff to attend the University of Utah School on Alcoholism and other Drug Dependencies in Salt Lake City, Utah every June.  The late Carl J. Erdmann, Jr., president and supporter of PRN for twenty-five years, had attended the University of Utah for five years,  Carol Dunham has received her 10 year coin for her support and attendance at the University of Utah.

Funding for the program

PRN has a contract with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA) to monitor impaired pharmacists. The contract covers program fees of impaired pharmacists who live and work in Indiana or those in a state which does not have a PRN program.  The organization does not charge any fees to program participants at this time.  The funding comes from dedicated funds that are a portion of the pharmacist’s license renewal fees collected biannually in Indiana.  PRN does charge a $25 monthly fee for all student pharmacists signing a contract since the state contract covers pharmacists only.  The PRNIndiana fees do not include any assessments, treatment, or urine drug screening.  The Indiana Pharmacists Alliance offers staff support, office and meeting space, and help in conference planning and coordination of school presentations.  Other sources of funding are grants, sponsorships, contributions.  PRN carries general liability insurance.


Carl Erdmann & Carol Dunham
, University of Utah 2007
Carl served as President for the Pharmacists Recovery Network of the Indiana until his passing in June 2009