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Information updated as of 10/2017

Editor’s Note: At this time I do not have any Pharmacists as possible contacts for Pharmacists seeking
                       recovery to network with. If you would be interest, let me know. Thanks, Charlie Broussard

Model: Board of Pharmacy 

Eligible for Pharmacists and Technicians

Mr. Broussard:
I want to introduce myself as the contact for the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy’s Impairment Recovery Program.
Our program is “in-house” at the Board office and I coordinate the program with our recovering practitioners and their treating addictionists.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Carlos Finalet, III
General Counsel
Louisiana Board of Pharmacy
3388 Brentwood Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809-1700

#225-922-0192, Fax: 225-922-0316  

In LA the Impairment Committee oversees the "care" of impaired pharmacists and technicians.  In most cases the person is sent for assessment to a Board approved addictionist.  We use several M.D.'s and clinic/treatment centers throughout the state.  Those findings are presented to the Impairment Committee.  Following a report of addiction, the Committee may suspend a license and institute the suggestions of the addictionist for inpatient treatment and rehab for a length of time. After a favorable report from the addictionist the patient will be seen again by the Committee at which time the license may be reinstated on probation with stipulations of drug monitoring and continued aftercare.  If the initial report from the addictionologist does not substantiate addiction but some other diagnosis then the probation route would probably be used to "monitor" the situation. Depending on the patient, the Board may pay for their initial assessment.  

The Board established its program in 1988 to assist practitioners obtain treatment for their impairment, maintain their recovery, and assist their re-entry into professional practice. As of July 1, 2016 there were 47 pharmacists, one pharmacy intern, and one pharmacy technician actively engaged in the recovery program. They surrendered their credentials while in treatment; following treatment and upon favorable recommendation by board-certified addiction medicine specialists, they applied for the reinstatement of their credentials. The Board reinstated their credentials on probation, and the licensees practice under various restrictions designed to monitor their re-entry to professional practice. In addition, the credentials for 42 pharmacists, two interns, 16 technicians, and four technician candidates were still on active suspension for impairment reasons. *********************************************************************************************************************************

Treatment Centers in Louisiana that treat Heath Professionals

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

I was privileged to meet Karen Cox the Business Development Representative from 
Palmetto Addiction
 Recovery Center at the SouthEast PRN meeting in Atlanta 11/2009. 
I was impressed with what this treatment center had to offer, Pharmacists in Recovery.
Go to their web site at: 
www.palmettocenter.com for more info.

                                                              Charlie Broussard R.Ph., M.Ed. - Editor of this web site

Whispering Oaks Lodge

Website: https://www.whisperingoakslodge.com


Darren Davis, RPh
E-mail: ddavis@whisperingoakslodge.com


Darren Davis, RPh, is a 1989 graduate of University of Louisiana at Monroe School of Pharmacy. Darren worked as a pharmacist for 4 years, and served as the administrator of elite treatment centers for the last 20 years. As a recovering professional himself, Darren shares an interest in the entire recovery process. He feels that focusing on the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of an individual is the key to long-term sobriety. Darren’s vision for Whispering Oaks Lodge is a place where treatment is not dreaded but instead, a place where recovery can be an enjoyable experience at the start.

Louisiana Pharmacist Recovery Network
Contact Person on Impairment Committee: T.Morris Rabb R.Ph (Board of Pharmacy -Non paid position)
1531 Frenchman's Bend Road, Monroe, LA 71203-8797
Phone #:  (318) 329-4641  
E-Mail: mrabb@iasishealthcare.com