Nebraska P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017

NLAP Model: Health Care Organization (government entity), Department of Health

NLAP Eligible for All Health Care Professionals

PRN Eligible for Pharmacists and Student Pharmacists

For Treatment: Nebraska Licensee Assistance Program (NLAP)

Nebraska Licensee Assistance Program 
9239 West Center Road, Suite 201
Omaha, Nebraska 68124-7900
Phone #: 1-800-851-2336 or (402) 354-8055
NE LAP Coordinator: Michelle Hruska, LADC, LIMHP   Monday - Friday 8AM - 4:30PM

For Support: Nebraska Pharmacists Recovery Network Contact Information 

Jeff Baldwin , Pharm. D.
Phone#: (402) 559-6498 E-Mail: 

The Nebraska Department of Administrative Services has contracted with the Best-Care Employee Assistance
 Program to offer this unique benefit. The Nebraska LAP is an assessment, treatment recommendations and
 referral, case management, monitoring and educational resource, designed to help licensees, certificate
 holders, and registrants of the State of Nebraska work through alcohol or drug abuse addiction problems. The
 Nebraska LAP services are free. However, when a treatment referral is made, treatment expenses are the
 responsibility of the Licensee. This activity is supported, in whole or part, under contract with the Nebraska
 Department of Administrative Services, from licensee/certificate holder/registrant fees paid to the Nebraska
 Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health, Licensure Unit.

Active clients include: 26 Professions have access, Pharmacists and Student Pharmacists included