South Carolina P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017

RPP Model: Health Care Organization (government entity)

RPP Eligible for All Health Care Professionals

PRN Eligible for Pharmacists

South Carolina Pharmacy Association

1405 Calhoun Street, Columbia, South Carolina   29201

Phone #:  (803) 354-9977     Web site: 

Chairman of the SCRIPT support group: Scott Padgett R.Ph.  (Non -paid position.)

803-933-9183 ext. 118,

South Carolina Recovery & Intervention Pharmacist Team  (SCRIPT)

Phone #: (803) 479-5314 

Monitoring Organization:  South Carolina Recovering Professional Program (SCRPP)

440 Knox Abbott Drive, Suite 220, 
Caye, SC 29033



SCRIPT a support group, affiliated with SCPhA, for Pharmacists who are clients in the Recovering Professional 
Program. RPP is a confidential referral and monitoring program designed for physicians, nurses, pharmacists and 
dentists in South Carolina who are suffering from problems related to substance abuse and dependence, or from a 
dual diagnosis of addiction and mental illness. The program offers an effective way to ensure that impaired 
professionals receive the help they need as quickly as possible. The ultimate goal of the program is to help the 
professional return to safe practice - a decision that benefits the individual, the profession and society at large - 
by ensuring that the professional complies with an established treatment protocol and appropriate continuing care. 
An alternative to the board disciplinary process, operating independently from both boards and associations, 
RPP provides accountable, consistent and confidential monitoring for both voluntary and board-referred 
participants to ensure safe practice of health professionals in South Carolina.

Other Information RPAS - Recovering Professionals Assistance Program. Completely separate from RPP. A 503 (c) 
tax-exempt program. Now raising funds from individual donations, working toward donations from corporations, 
grants, and charitable organizations. These funds will be used for recovering professionals without income, or with
low paying incomes, while waiting for licenses to be reinstated. The professionals will be awarded these funds
as a loan, scholarship or as a gift (in situations where the professional has no income. RPAS is in its infancy state,
having started about 4 months ago. The funds are controlled by an executive committee composed of a physician, 
pharmacist, nurse, dentist and 2 or 3 at-large members two who are nurses. This committee will grow to 
about 10 – 12 persons. There will be an advisory committee composed of high profile leaders from all walks 
of the business community (meeting twice a year). The executive committee meets at least quarterly an on
call by the chairman.

What about funding? RPP does charge client fees, sliding scale based on income. It is basically supported by a
$10.00 fee added to license renewal fees of the physicians, pharmacists, and  dentists and a $7.00 fee added to 
the nurses (this may be increases in the future).  Other funding: Small amount from Association, private donations,
T-shirt sales and other fundraisers at Association convention.