Washington P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017

Model: State Pharmacy Associations, Society of Health Systems Pharmacists, Board of Pharmacy)

Eligible for Pharmacists, Student Pharmacists and Interns       

Washington Recovery Assistance Program for Pharmacy (WRAPP)

Phone #:  1-800 - 446-7220 (HOTLINE)               

WRAPP Monitoring Program Manager: William Rhodes, MSW, CDP, MHP


26910 92nd Ave. NW, Suite C5-123, Stanwood, WA. 98292

Office: 360-629-9719, Cell: 425-330-0450,  Fax: 360-629-9721

Phone #: (206) 616-2729 (at the University of Washington) 

Website: http://www.wsparx.org/?page=WRAPP

WRAPP Is Supported By: 

Washington State Pharmacy Association 
University of Washington School of Pharmacy 
Washington State University College of Pharmacy 
Washington State Board of Pharmacy


Established in 1983, this non-tax exempt organization has an 8-member (non-paid) advisory board that provides education programs on topics in the field of substance abuse to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, students, etc.... It also acts as a liaison to the Schools of Pharmacy, and between WSPA and the Board of Pharmacy, and the WRAPP monitoring program manager. WRAPP receives funding through the State Board of Pharmacy. It accepts:  1) Voluntary admits; 2) Board referred (in lieu of discipline); 3) Board ordered admits. The program manager provides monthly reports to the Board of Pharmacy, the WSPA, and the WRAPP Advisory Board. Funds from the State Board of Pharmacy are transferred to the WSPA and are then executed for services by the WRAPP monitoring program manager, or for other expenses of the WRAPP program. It does not carry general liability insurance. It is exempt from liability because of state codes. It utilizes substance abuse professionals with credentials in the evaluation for treatment. Some advisory board members are licensed CDCs. WRAPP has a written "statement of work" contract for services provided with the Board of Pharmacy. It has enabling legislation: the Washington  Administrative Code WAC 246-867 Impaired Pharmacist Rehabilitation. WRAPP publishes articles in the Washington Pharmacist published by the WSPA.

What about funding? The organization does not charge client fees.It does not receive funding through license renewal fees. There is, at this time, no specific fee assessed per license. It started out with a licensing 
surcharge, but now uses a Board of Pharmacy line item budget. Technically 
this money does come from all licensee fees, although not specifically 
assessed as such.                                                                                               

Active clients include: Pharmacists, Pharmacy Students, Pharmacy Technicians, and Pharmacy Assistants.