Alcohol Always Lied To Me

I Drank for Courage... and woke up night after night
I Drank for Sophistication... and became crude.
I Drank to find Peace... and ignited a war within
I Drank to be Friendly... and became argumentative and
I Drank to be Sexy... and turned people off.
I Drank so that I could Relate to Others... and I babbled.
I Drank to put down Loneliness... and found myself
retreating more and more into my shell.
I Drank to Relax... and woke up tense.
I Drank to be Entertaining... and became an obnoxious clown.
I Drank to Live More Fully... and contemplated suicide.
I Drank for Adventure... and discovered disaster.
I Drank to be more Honest... and insulted my friends.
I Drank to Quiet my Nerves... and woke up with hangover
I Drank to Feel Better... and ended up sick and throwing up.
I Drank to have Fun... and passed out in the middle of the party.
I Drank to Pep Myself Up... and ended up exhausted.
I Drank to feel Successful... a Big Shot... but ended up a
I Drank for Security... and became afraid of my shadow.
I Drank to Feel Better about Myself... and ended up hating me.
I Drank to prove I could handle Alcohol... and ended up

knowing it controlled me.

A Friend asked...
"But surely, now that you've been Sober awhile, it
would take a lot of alcohol to put you back in that

"Just One Drink," I answered!

~Author Unknown