High Praise for the Charm of Recovering Alcoholics

                                                                            By Fulton Oursler
There are times when I wish I were an alcoholic. I mean I wish I were a member of 
Alcoholics Anonymous. The reason is that I consider the AA people the most charming
 in the world. Such is my considered opinion. As a journalist, it has been my privilege
 to meet many people who are considered charming. I number among my friends
 stars and lesser lights on stage and cinema; writers are my daily diet; I know 
ladies and gentlemen of both political parties; I have been entertained 
in the White House; I've broken bread with kings, ambassadors and ministers; 
and I say that I would prefer an evening with my AA friends to any person I've indicated.
I asked myself why I considered so charming these alcoholic caterpillars
who have found their butterfly wings in AA. There are more reasons than
one, but I can name a few. The AA people are what they are, and they are
what they were, because they are sensitive, imaginative, possessed of a
sense of humor, an awareness of the universal truth. They are sensitive,
which means they are hurt easily, and that helped them become alcoholics.
But when they found their restoration they are as sensitive as ever;
responsive to the beauty and the truth and eager about the intangible
glories of this life. That makes them charming companions.
They are possessed of a sense of universal truth, that is often new in
their heart. This fact that this at-one moment with God's universe had
never been awakened within them is the reason they drink. They have found a
power greater than themselves which they diligently serve. And that gives
them a charm that never was elsewhere on the land and sea; it makes you
know that God is charming, because the AA people reflect his mercy and
forgiveness. They are imaginative, and that helped make them alcoholics. Some of them
drank to flog their imaginations onto greater efforts. Others guzzled only
to block out unendurable visions that arose in their imaginations. But when
they found their restorations, their imagination is responsive to new
incantations and their talk abounds with color and might, and that makes
them charming companions, too. They are possessed a sense of humor. Even in
their cups they have known to be damnably funny. Often it was being forced
to take seriously the little and mean things of life that made them seek
their escape in the bottle. But when they found their restoration, their
sense of humor finds a blessed freedom and they are able to laugh at
themselves, the very height of self-conquest. Go to their meetings and listen to their laughter. 
At what are they laughing? At ghoulish memories over which weaker souls would cringe in
useless remorse. And that makes them wonderful people to be with by candlelight.
Thanks Jeff B for E-mailing this to me