Kansas P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017

Model: State Pharmacy Association -> Committee,Board of Pharmacy

Eligible for Pharmacists and Student Pharmacists

Kansas Pharmacists Recovery Network (KsPRN)
c/o Kansas Pharmacists Association
1020 SW Fairlawn Road, 
Topeka, KS 66604

Confidential Phone | 785.217.7091
Confidential Fax | 913.273.6797

KsPRN Manager | Kelly Rockers
Email | kelly@ksrx.org
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Committee on Impaired Pharmacy Practice (CIPP)

Chair | Ralph Holbrook
Phone | 785.554.6076
Email | rholbrook@cox.net

Helping Pharmacists & Pharmacy Interns Recover from Drug or Alcohol Addiction and Mental Health Disorders, One Step at a Time.
The Kansas Pharmacy Recovery Network (KsPRN) is a confidential voluntary program that was established by the Kansas Board of Pharmacy. It is administered by the Kansas Pharmacists Association (KPhA) and the Committee on Impaired Pharmacy Practice (CIPP). KsPRN’s mission is to assist any Pharmacist or Pharmacy Intern whose health and/or professional effectiveness has been or is likely to be impaired by the disease of chemical dependency or other physical and/or mental health disorder.

Public safety is the responsibility of all practicing pharmacists. Pharmacists and Phamacy interns struggling with substance abuse are encouraged to seek treatment and rehabilitation while maintaining the confidentiality inherent in the KsPRN program. In many cases, the pharmacist will be able to continue practicing pharmacy during their recovery.

Most importantly, KsPRN assures all self-referred participants in its program the utmost confidentiality. No one outside of KsPRN, not even the Kansas Board of Pharmacy, will be notified of the referred pharmacist’s condition, unless he/she fails to comply with the recommendations of KsRN/CIPP and/or and evaluator. The CIPP committee sets forth recommendations to the Kansas Board of Pharmacy. Together, pharmacists and KsPRN can word toward overcoming chemical dependency while ensuring the public and the pharmacy profession that impairments are being carefully and completely addressed.

The KsPRN program is overseen by a 15 member (volunteer) committee known as the Committee on Impaired Pharmacy Practice (CIPP). It is a free standing committee, separate from the Kansas Board of Pharmacy. The KsPRN/CIPP program has a written funding contract with the Board of Pharmacy that is renewed annually. It has enabling legislation: K.A.R. 65-4921 through 65-4930: “Risk Management” statute enacted in 1986.

What about funding? KsPRN/CIPP charges a $45/month client fee for pharmacists and waives the monthly fee for pharmacy interns. It also receives funding under the contract with the Kansas Board of Pharmacy.

The KsPRN program assists Pharmacists and Pharmacy Interns who have any illness or problem that could impair their practice. It is not limited to chemical dependency.

If you or someone you know has a drug and/or alcohol addiction or a mental health disorder and needs help, please don’t hesitate to call. We are here to help!  



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·         Educate Pharmacists & Interns

·         Encourage Voluntary Participation