Maryland P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017

Model: 501(c3), Board of Pharmacy, State Pharmacy Associations, Society of Health System Pharmacists 

Eligible for Pharmacists, Student Pharmacists and Technicians

PEAC Maryland

Pharmacists’ Education and Advocacy Council

5212 Onion Road, Pylesville, Maryland 21132

Phone #:  (410) 983-0302                   

E-Mail Contact PEAC at
President: Tony Tommasello, RPh, PhD

Phone #:  (410) 808-0748 


This 501(c)(3) (Tax Exempt) organization has a 3 member (non-paid) board of directors.  It is free standing/separate 
from the Pharmacy State Board and the State Pharmacy Professional Organizations. It utilizes credentialed substance
abuse professionals. This organization has a written contract, as well as enabling legislation, with the Board of 
Pharmacy for monitoring “impaired” pharmacists. New pharmacy legislation requires that “A pharmacist 
shall report to the pharmacist rehabilitation committee as defined in Health Occupations Article 12-317, Annotated 
Code of Maryland, conduct by a pharmacist that involves drug or alcohol abuse or dependency.

What about funding? PEAC collects $45 each month from clients to cover operating costs. This organization It does not receive funding directly linked to
 license renewal fees, but does receive funding from the State Board. Other sources of funding: We are applying for grants to help support our cause. from professional 
organizations and individual donations.

Active clients include: Pharmacists & Student Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians.