Montana P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017:

Editor’s Note: At this time I do not have any Pharmacists as possible contacts for Pharmacists seeking
                       recovery to network with. If you would be interest, let me know. Thanks, Charlie Broussard

Model: Health Care Association, Board of Pharmacy 

Contracted Treatment Provider - Eligible for Pharmacists, Student Pharmacist and Technicians

June 2010: "Charlie:  Montana no longer has a PRN program.  We do have an impaired program which is funded 
by the Board of Pharmacy.  They contract with Emory Jones and his group here in Missoula."

Emory Jones LCPC
1325 Wyoming Street, Missoula MT, 59801
Phone Number: (406) 532-9800

A good State Board Contact

Marcie Bough, PharmD, Executive Officer, Telephone: (406) 841-2371
Montana Board of Pharmacy, 301 South Park, 4th Floor
PO Box 200513, Helena, MT 59620-0513
Phone: 406-841-2300      E-mail:

Board of Pharmacy:

FYI: Marcie is not only an Alumnus of the University of Utah School on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies,
       she also served as one of the Co-Section of the Pharmacy Section in 2005 & 2006



(1) The Montana Board of Pharmacy has established a medical assistance program which provides assistance, rehabilitation, and aftercare monitoring to pharmacists, pharmacist interns, certified pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy technicians-in-training under the jurisdiction of the board, who are suspected and/or found to be physically or mentally impaired by habitual intemperance or the excessive use of addictive drugs, alcohol, or any other drug or substance, or by mental or chronic physical illness.

(2) The board encourages and shall permit the rehabilitation of licensees if, in the board's opinion, public health, safety, and welfare can be assured. Early intervention and referral are paramount to promoting public health, safety, and welfare.

Since April 15, 1999 the Montana Pharmacy Association in cooperation with the Pharmacy State Board and a contracted treatment provider has offered assistance for impaired pharmacists as a service