Nevada P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017

Editor’s Note: At this time I do not have any Pharmacists as possible contacts for Pharmacists seeking
                       recovery to network with. If you would be interest, let me know. Thanks, Charlie Broussard

Model: Health Care Association

Eligible for Pharmacists, Student Pharmacist and Technicians

Health Professionals Assistance Programs:

Montevista Hospital

5900 West Rochelle Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada  89103

Phone #:  (702) 364-1111 
Fax #: (702) 876-3709

Contact Person at Montevista Hospital: Larry Espadero LADC (Full Time paid position)
Phone #; (702) 251-1377


The PRN - PRN organization has a steering committee made up of volunteers. It is free standing/separate from the Pharmacy State Board. It does share staff and office space with the State Pharmacy Professional Organization. It does carry general liability insurance. It has a written agreement with the Board of Pharmacy, and it publishes a newsletter quarterly.

What about funding? The organization does not charge client fees. It does not receive direct funding through each license renewal fee, however the State Board of Pharmacy does provide funds.

Active clients include: Health Care Professionals, Nurses and MD’s have their own program