New Hampshire P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017:

NH PharmAssist no longer exists.  The NH Board of Pharmacy has taken over the functions of the Foundation. 

A possible contact who were active with PharmAssist: 

Paul Boisseau (603) 622-8692  

Richard Fradette (603) 623-1234 

Joe Kilcullen -

The Board of Pharmacy Phone # is (603) 271-2350

NH Professionals Health Program:

Model: 501 (c3), Physicians Health Program

Eligible for Pharmacists, Student Pharmacist, Technicians and others

Sally Garhart MD, Medical Director
phone: 603-491-5036 

Deeane Chapman PA-C Assist. Medical director
phone: 603-361-5446


This 501(c)(3) (Tax Exempt) organization has a 5 member (non-paid) board of directors.  It is free standing/separate from the Pharmacy State Board and the State Pharmacy Professional Organizations. It does utilize substance abuse professionals with credentials. It has enabling legislation that says the Board of Pharmacy can use money collected as fees, to pay for the impairment program. The organization has a very successful CE program every spring.

What about funding? The organization does not charge client fees. It does receive funding through license renewal fees: $3/license.