Ohio P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017

Model: 501 (c3), Volunteer Committee, State Pharmacy Associations

Eligible for Pharmacists and Interns                                                    

 Ohio’s Pharmacists Recovery Network
       “Pharmacists helping Pharmacists”

The Pharmacists Rehabilitation Organization, Inc.  was Founded in 1984 by the Ohio Pharmacists Association
and the Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists, with the help and understanding of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

Our mission: 1) To educate and inform the profession of pharmacy concerning chemical dependency 
                            as a treatable disease that affects from 10 - 15% of it’s members.
                     2) To help addicted pharmacists find recovery from their active disease.

The Pharmacists Rehabilitation Organization (P.R.O., Inc.) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and volunteer peer
assistance organization, that helps assess, refer to treatment and monitor pharmacists (and licensed pharmacy 
interns) with alcohol and/or drug dependencies. When deemed appropriate,  P.R.O. Inc. may also advocate
for the contracted client to a regulatory agency such as The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

      • We recognizes that chemical dependency is a primary disease that is chronic, progressive 
         and potentially fatal and affects approximately 10 - 15% of all pharmacists.
      • We regard chemical dependency as a treatable disease and recognizes the right of our
          recovering colleague to return to the safe practice of Pharmacy when appropriate.
      • Our primary purpose is to assess, refer to proper treatment and monitor our colleagues
          impaired by the disease of chemical dependency.
      • We will advocate for our clients when appropriate and will also help coordinate 
          interventions of potential clients.

          Executive Director: Jarrod Grossman, PharmD, R.Ph., Contact person for Assistance
                                 E-Mail: jwgrph@gmail.com 
   Phone:  614-506-5690
          President: Dave M. R.Ph – DFMerk@yahoo.com

          Website: www.OhioPRO.org