Oklahoma P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017

Model: State Pharmacy Association -> Committee

Eligible for Pharmacists and Student Pharmacists

Oklahoma Pharmacists Helping Pharmacists (OPHP)

P.O. Box 5203,  Edmond, Oklahoma   73083
Phone #:  (405) 557-5775 (Kim Spitz) (405) 557-5773,
                cell phone 405-413-7657 (Kevin Rich) 
Web Site Address: 

OPHP Executive Director:
Contact for assistance - Kevin Rich 
         (405)-557-5773 office, cell phone (405)-413-7657
or OPHP Help Line state wide 1-800-260-7574 ext 5773,
       Oklahoma City area 405-557-5773, cell 405-413-7657
E-Mail Address: 
rtoorich4u@aol.com or krich.ophp@opha.com   (Kevin Rich)  

Administrator: Contact for information- Kim Spitz c/o OPHP address
E-Mail Address: 

OPHP Board of Directors - Officers: Sam Leu, D.Ph., President; Greg Diel, D.Ph., Vice President                                                                                                  
           Kim Spitz, Treasurer
OPHP Board of Directors Members:
     Terry Cothran, D.Ph., Cindy Fain, D.Ph., Lee McGoodwin, Pharm.D., MS, DABAT,
     Marti Jones, ARNP, Christy Cox, R.Ph., M.Ed, Pharm.D., Kristi Bostwick, D.Ph.,
     Tom Davis,R.Ph., M.D.,  Matt Smith, Legal Counsel


This organization has a 10 member (non-paid) board of directors. It is free standing/separate from the State Board of Pharmacy However OPHP has a contract with the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy to monitor compliance of pharmacists, pharmacy students, and Pharmacy technicians with Board ordered probation. OPHP is a confidential service provided by the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association. OPHP has contracted with Partners for Professional Wellness (PPW) to support drug screen administration and case management for the OPHP Participants. Kevin Rich, full time OPHP Executive Director is dedicated to leading OPHP into the future. OPHP does carry general liability insurance, and utilize substance abuse professionals with credentials.

What about funding? The organization charges client fees: $125/month for each pharmacist under contract who is working in pharmacy, $50/month for
pharmacists under contract not working in pharmacy, $25/month for technicians, $5/month for pharmacy students under contract.
Other sources of funding: Contract from the Board of Pharmacy, Grants and Donations.

Active clients include: Pharmacists, Student Pharmacists, & Pharmacy Technicians