Pennsylvania P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017

Model: 501 (c3), State Board of Pharmacy 

Eligible for Pharmacists and Student Pharmacists                                                    

S.A.R.P.H. (Secundum Artem - Reaching Pharmacists with Help) Founded 1984

Contact Executive Director of Operations: Kathie Simpson 

258 Wolfe Lane, Irwin, PA,  15642

Phone #:  (724) 446-7398, Toll Free #: 800-892-4484, Fax #: (724) 446-7399


Jeff Edelmann, R.Ph., M.S.Phone #: (814) 673-3022
Web Site: 

Fantastic Resource Person:

Alumnus of the University of Utah School on Alcoholism & other drug dependencies
 - Over 20 Years Attending
Mike Lencynski R.Ph. -
Mike is a personal friend of the Editor of this Web Site - One of my first Mentors in Pharmacist Recovery Network work.


This 501(c)(3) (tax-exempt) organization has a 9 member (non-paid) board of directors. It is free standing and 
separate from the Pharmacy State Board and the State Pharmacy Professional Organizations. The Board of 
Directors does have a (generic) liability insurance (civil and criminal immunity in "snitch law" protects them 
from suits if reporting to Board is done in good faith). It refers clients to substance abuse professionals for the 
evaluation and treatment of its clients, along with reports dealing with a client’s fitness to return to practice.  
This organization has a written signed "Memorandum of Understanding" with the PA Board of Pharmacy and the PA 
Bureau of Occupational and Professional Affairs, Professional Health Monitoring Program (PHMP). This reduces
redundancy of monitoring parameters. The state's 1985 Pharmacy Act enables a licensee of the Board to act as a 
consultant to the Board in impairment evaluation and treatment.

What about funding? Client fees - $600/yr for those with their license, $100/yr for those without license or 
students. It does not receive funding through license renewal fees. (It does receive a grant via PA Board of 
Pharmacy and Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.) Charitable contributions are raised by a direct
mail campaign.

Active clients include: Pharmacists, Pharmacy Students.