Utah P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017

Editor’s Note: At this time I do not have any Pharmacists as possible contacts for Pharmacists seeking
                       recovery to network with. If you would be interest, let me know. Thanks, Charlie Broussard

Model: Health Care Organization (government entity)

Eligible for All Health Care Professionals

Utah Recovery Assistance Program (URAP)

P.O. Box 146741, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6741 

(801) 530-6404 - FAX 


Charles W. Walton, M.D.
Program Manager
(801) 530-6106
E-mail link to Dr Walton: https://dopl.utah.gov/contact.html


This 501(c)(3) (Tax Exempt) organization has a 4 member (non-paid) advisory committee, and a part time paid 
secretary. It is free standing/separate from the Pharmacy State Board and the State Pharmacy Professional 
Organizations It does have liability insurance provided by the state and it utilizes substance abuse professionals
with credentials. It operates out of the Utah State Division of Professional Licensing per enabling statute.

What about funding? The organization does not charge client fees. It receives funding through license renewal
fees: $10/license.

 Active clients include: Pharmacists, Pharmacy Students, and Pharmacy Technicians