Vermont P.R.N.

Information updated as of 10/2017

Editor’s Note: At this time I do not have any Pharmacists as possible contacts for Pharmacists seeking
                       recovery to network with. If you would be interest, let me know. Thanks, Charlie Broussard

Model: Division of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs

Eligible for General Public

A specific Pharmacists Recovery Program does not exist

   Vermont Recovering Professionals Program Program closed 12/19/96 due to lack of funding

     "We do not have a program at this time. The Office of Professional Regulation, of which the Vermont Board of   

        Pharmacy is a part of, is working on development of an impaired professionals program.

         Our address is 89 Main Street, Third Floor, Montpelier, VT    05620-3402 
         Telephone: 406-828-2733.     Fax:    802-828-2465  "

          Ronald J. Klein, RPh, Executive Officer, Vermont Board of Pharmacy, 802-828-2733

Division of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs: