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Ashley Washington
Doctor of Pharmacy Student, Howard University

Ashley N. Washington is a third-year pharmacy student at Howard University College of Pharmacy in Washington, D.C. She has served as the American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists GenerationRx Initiative Chair for the last two years at Howard. Ashley has worked diligently to connect and collaborate with other organizations to help raise the visibility of the profession of pharmacy and the GenerationRx Initiative. Some of the collaborations she was able to achieve this year were GenerationRx and the Drug Enforcement Agency "Got Drugs?: National DEA Take Back Day," GenerationRx StreetTeam, Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA), National Council of Patient Information and Education (NCPIE), and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for a "Pharmacy Wellness Center: You Got to Have Street Smarts! - Quick Tips and Family Safety on Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention," where she provided important proactive information that the general public could use to protect themselves, tote bags that showcased National Recovery month, wristbands for daily reminders to stop prescription drug abuse, and lunch bags with healthy eating information. Ashley has been a dynamic student for Howard University and the GenerationRx Initiative and continues to make great strides for the general public's health.